Overflow 2


Overflow is our St. Peter's evening service that seeks to dig deeper into the presence of God through amazing times of worship, teaching and ministry
Our mission is to connect people from all over the area together so that everyone can be refreshed and renewed by the Holy Spirit and that they can be energised and equipped to go back to their home churches and continue working for the extension for God's Kingdom in their own place
Overflow is a relaxed and informal evening open to everyone, with plenty of space for coffee before an after the service to connect with new friends and old
We can't wait to see you there!

Pics of the Last Fab Overflow!
Our next Overflow will be after the summer break, and will be changing to 1st Sunday of each month, so we look forward to seeing you on 2nd September.


Our vision here at Overflow is to empower and equip all followers of Jesus in our area and to see them living amazing lives for God in the full power of His Spirit.
It would be great to hear if you have been impacted or inspired by any recent Overflow evening, and we would love to share any stories so we can all continue to be inspired by the amazing way God has been at work!
If anything has touched, encouraged or stirred your heart then please, please leave your name and number below and we'll be in touch!




Blessings from the Overflow team!

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