Chosen and United

Today we are continuing looking at the Song of Ascents in part 7 of our 'Look Up' series. Today specially looking at Psalm 132 and 133 we will have Ian sharing a sermon with us, Noah with an all age moment and David with an everyday faith segment.

Sermon Notes: Chosen and United and bound together by the love of God.

ChosenPsalm 132 v 1-5. Do you have a sense of being chosen and that God has planted you in this place?

FreePsalm 132 v 6-9 Do you put God in a box and try to ignore his direction or do you allow him to reign freely in your life?

LovedPsalm 132 v 11-12 It's not about IF and BECAUSE it is about ANYWAY, EVEN THOUGH and IN SPITE OF. Unconditional not conditional love.

UnitedPsalm 133 v 1-2 How are we called show unity during this time? Charity, lament, faith and hope.,,,, and remember to take your turn

Some questions for personal and life group use.

1. Imagine you’re Jesus and you’re putting together your team of disciples, what are the characteristics you look for in your selections? Read Psalm 132 in two different versions. What immediately strikes you from it?

2. As Christians we are part of the People of God described in this Psalm. How does it feel to hear that you are chosen and wanted by God? Is that an easy thing to believe?

3. David and Israel as a whole made many mistakes and turned their backs on God at various points in the Old Testament. How do you balance God’s free gift of grace, welcoming us into the family, with obedience and commitment on our part?

4. John Calvin states: ‘True knowledge of God is born out of obedience.’ With this in mind, what is the most important thing in our approach to God and His Word? What’s the goal and your expectations when you sit down to read the Bible or pray?

5. God’s promise that He will bless His people and bring salvation through them is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. This is a powerful reminder to us that even when we are not faithful, God is. Can you think of any passages in the rest of the Bible that help remind us of this? Read Psalm 133. What immediately strikes you?

6. ‘You can be a Christian, but you don’t have to be part of the church’. What do you think about this comment?

7. Where do we see divisions in the church, historically, globally and locally? What should our reaction be to them?

8. Pursuing unity can be a costly and challenging task. Why do you think this is?

9. How can we play a part in bringing about unity within our church family?

Quotable Quotes

'Obedience is not a stodgy plodding in the ruts of religion, it is a hopeful race towards God’s promises.’ Eugene Peterson.

We are loved by love Himself. God has come to us in Jesus, and His life and love change everything!

‘Where relationships are warm and expectancies fresh, we are already beginning to enjoy the life together that will be completed in our life everlasting.’ Eugene Peterson

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