Lord of my way

This Sunday, 16th August, Johnny will be sharing the first instalment of our new Psalms of Ascent series: discovering how God calls, protects and keeps us in the journey of this life.

us and journey's with us. Noah will share an all-age segment and Julie will bring an everyday faith story! Thank you for sharing with us...

Psalm 121

  • On the road that leads home!

  • Lord of my way…

  • Get walking!

  • Journeys are real…

  • We’re all journeying home to God

  • Ephesians 2:12, 1 Peter 3:15

  • Where you look really matters

  • Will you look up…?

  • The theme is God’s protection over His people!

  • The word keeps – meaning ‘watches over’ is used six times.

  • God is our constant protector…

  • A pilgrim could stumble and hurt themselves!

  • “My Father’s creation is before me” - v1–2

  • “My help comes from Yahweh, who made heaven and earth.”

  • God is our creator, confirmer and constant helper!

  • “My Father’s Eyes Are upon Me” - v3–4

  • His gaze is loving, His care is for you… He is with you!

  • “My Father’s Presence Is Beside Me” - v5–6

  • The Lord is here and the Lord God is near…

  • “My Father’s Care Is Around Me” - v7–8

  •  “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

  • We do not have to go up to God. He has come down to us in Jesus!

  • Our help comes from the Lord!

Questions for personal or life group use! Psalm 120-121 Call and Walk : Lord of my words and my ways 1. What is your instinctive, gut-reaction when things go wrong? Read Psalm 12O in two different versions (one could be The Message). What immediately strikes you? 2. What are the issues the Psalmist is calling out to God about? Any similarities to today? 3. Psalm 120 reminds us of the lying voices in the culture and the world. What might be the equivalent today? How should we react? 4. Eugene Peterson says, ‘Psalm 120 is the decision to take one way over against the other. It is the turning point marking the transition from a dreamy nostalgia for a better life to a rugged pilgrimage of discipleship in faith, from complaining about how bad things are to pursuing all things good’. Discuss! Read Psalm 12 in two different versions, what immediately strikes you from it? 5. Why do you think the Psalmist is looking up here? 6. What struck you from what Johnny said in his talk? 7. What prevents us from ‘lifting our eyes to the hills?’ 8. The Hebrew word ‘Shamar’ appears 6 times in Psalm 121; it means ‘keeps’, ‘preserves’.  What in your life reminds you that God is keeping or preserving you? 9. What other scriptures come to mind about God being our help? 10. Putting these two Psalms together, what do they tell us about the character of God? Quotable Quotes ‘God of peace, grant me Thy peace as I worship in Thy presence and let me find a bettered world when I come back to it, or at least being a bettered and more patient heart to its duties and strifes’.  Samuel CoxPsalm 120 is the song of such a person sick with the lies and crippled with the hate, a person doubled up in pain over what is going on in the world.  But it is not a mere outcry, it is a pain that penetrates through despair and stimulates a new beginning – a journey to God that becomes a life of peace’.  Eugene Peterson ‘The promise of the Psalm 121 is not that we shall never stub our toes but that no injury, no illness, no accident, no distress will have evil power over us, that is or will be able to separate us from God’s purposes in us’.  Eugene Peterson ‘Faith is not a precarious affair of chance escape from satanic assaults.  It is the solid, massive, secure experience of God who keeps evil from getting inside us, who guards our life, who guards us when we leave and when we return, who guards us now, who guards us always!' Alan Redpath

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