Psalms of Ascent

I wonder what your Spotify or music playlist looks like? 

In our house Johnny’s songs are all in one list whereas mine are, if you like, labelled for different moods, occasions, activities! I have a playlist entitled ‘Looking up’ and these are songs of declaration, songs that remind me of the sovereignty and love of God for me, songs that invite me to choose to draw closer to Him, to sing out songs of worship even when my circumstances may seek to message me differently.

'Look up Child', A song by Lauren Daigle is on that list and here are some lyrics that spoke to me:

Where are You now when darkness seems to win?

Where are You now when the world is crumbling?

Oh I, I hear You say, I hear You say

‘Look up child!’

Where are You now when all I feel is doubt

Where are You now when I can’t figure it out?

Oh I, I hear You say, I hear You say

Look up child!

You’re not threatened by the war,

You’re not shaken by the storm

I know You’re in control

Even in our suffering

Even when it can’t be seen

I know, You’re in control

Look up Child!

Over the next eight weeks we are going to be looking at The Psalms of Ascent; songs sung by pilgrims going to the temple in Jerusalem for the festivals. Look up is comfort, encouragement and solid hope for the children of God. There are fifteen such Psalms, most of which are short with key words or phrases that we can hold onto as we continue to try to live well in these curious days or, as Sue recently put it, to ‘grow and glow’!

Our prayer is that you may find strength, hope and encouragement in these Psalms as we journey together on the road.  Whilst we may not be journeying to Jerusalem or to a church building for familiar worship, we can still sing out our praise and worship to a God who invites us to take our eyes off our circumstances, look up and trust Him that He knows, cares and understands.

Here are the linked resources for lifegroup and personal use, and a fifteen track Spotify play list here too!

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