‘Lest we forget’ are words that are very familiar to us particularly at this time of year.  None of us are likely to forget 2020 in future as we remember the challenges that we have faced as individuals, households, communities and a nation.  There are many things we ‘remember’ – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, significant events in a lifetime both happy and sad, joyful and painful.  As we look ahead to Sunday 8th November, Remembrance Sunday, we are inviting you to stand up and be present; to show our respect and remember those who have given their lives in order for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have.

Like most things this year, Remembrance Sunday will be different; it won’t be the large community event that attracts a significant crowd each year at Five Wents Hall with members of the public, uniformed organisations and other community representatives marking the occasion. We've been thinking about what would be fitting given we can only welcome six people at a time as a result of physical distancing.  It has, therefore been agreed that a ceremony will take place at the front of Five Wents Hall commencing at 11.00am with wreaths being laid on behalf of the Parish Council, Royal British Legion, ATC Swanley and Hextable Scouts.  The wreaths will be laid by one representative of each organisation and, when this is completed, they will leave in order for further wreaths to be laid at 11.30am by one representative each from Hextable and Swanley Village WI, Rowhill WI, Hextable Hub, Hexara, Happy Club and Five Wents Pre-School.

In the absence of being able to meet together to remember we are inviting that the two-minute silence is marked outside of your home in the way we applauded and celebrated the NHS earlier in the year; it is a way of community coming together, to stand together in solidarity for those who continue to mourn lives lost in the service of our country and to pay our respects.  Do feel free to mark your memories, post photographs and greetings on our Facebook page here.

In these days of change and uncertainty will you stand up and be counted?  Let us remember well, together. Please note that the rule-of-six, physical distancing and face masks apply at all times. Any questions don’t hesitate to email Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of these unique circumstances and hoping to see you throughout the coming months, and in person, next year.

Blessings and prayers, your community vicar


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