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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

The absence of our spaces and places to gather, share & serve from make all of these days​ so very strange! There's lots on that is reason for encouragement, resourcing & growth! ​Here's some of the key updates in parish life this week...

Today in our scattered 1030 online offering, Johnny will speak on the goodness of God in part-one of our Defiant Joy series: Emma-Jane shares an all-age moment, and Karen also shares an everyday faith segment! Here's a youth resource, a children and family resource also. Also here's a Spotify playlist to accompany this new series!

John 15 v 9-11 - Defiant joy pt-1 The goodness of God!

  • Strength and delight!

  • The fruit of the spirit is…truly & enduringly joy!  

  • Happiness depends on happenings, joy depends on Jesus!

  • Biblical joy is more durable than our circumstances.

  • "The joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah

  • "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good" I Chronicles 16:34. "Taste and see that the Lord is good!" Psalm 34:8

  • Show me as much as I can stand, Lord!

  • God's goodness defined

  • How God reveals His goodness

  • Natural blessings - Psalm 145 "Yahweh is great and is highly praised; His greatness is unsearchable. One generation will declare Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts!"

  • Kind interventions - Psalm 107 "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His faithful love endures forever.”

  • Through God's Son, Jesus – Colossians 1  Jesus "is the image of the invisible God" and that "God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him".

  • Respond to God's goodness?

  • Repent of unbelief and ingratitude - Romans 2:4

  • Rest in His goodness when adversity comes - Psalm 31:19-20

  • Step out in faith -  Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 84:11

  • John 15 v 9-11. Disciples are called to radical love and obedience!

  • The result of intimacy with God is fruitfulness with Jesus!

  • How much do you enjoy the goodness of God?

  • All our sap and safety is from Christ!

  • Without Me you can do nothing…

  • As branches in the vine, we have the privilege of abiding…

  • You and I are connected to Jesus by grace through faith!

  • Our life is connected…

  • Knowing Jesus means knowing joy…

Session 1:  Defiant Joy, the goodness of God.  John 15 v 9-11

‘I love you, Lord, Oh Your mercy never fails me

All my days I’ve been held in Your hand.

From the moment that I wake up, 'til I lay my head

I will sing of the goodness of God.

All my life You have been faithful, all my life You have been so, so good

With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God’

1. Read the Scripture John 15 vs. 9-11 in two different versions.  What immediately strikes you from this passage?

2. What testimony do you have to the goodness of God in your life even this week?

3. John 15 v 9 in The Message invites us to ‘make home in My love’.  What does this mean to you?

4. How confident are you and I that Jesus loves us with the same love that the Father has for Him?  What stops us from being secure in this?

5. Tony Horsfall says of v10 ‘Jesus lived in the discipline of obedience.  His only desire was to please the Father’.  Why is obedience so important?

6.  Why might our joy be incomplete (NIV) or immature (The Message) v11?

7. There are at least three themes in this passage union, love, obedience which help us understand the joy that Jesus wants us to experience.  Can you trace these through the verses?  What is God saying to you about them?

8.  How might you know Defiant Joy because of the goodness of God this week?

Quoteable quotes

‘The Father does not give us joy.  He gives us Himself. He is absolute joy personified’. Graham Cooke.

‘Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls’ Mother Theresa

‘Joy is the serious business of Heaven’ CS Lewis

‘Do you want to know what goes on in the heart of the Trinity?  I will tell you.  In the heart of the trinity, the Father laughs and gives birth to the Son.  The Son laughs back at the father and gives birth to the Spirit.  The whole Trinity laughs and gives birth to us’.  Meister Eckhart.

'Joy is the uncontrived expression of deep trust in God which gives rise to thankfulness & the delight that comes from knowing God is in charge & can be trusted.'

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