Thy Kingdom Come 2021

We all have seasons in our lives where we just don’t know where to turn, or what to do next. Does that sound familiar? All of us go through good times and bad, rejoicing and sadness. We so often need someone to stand alongside us in those times, someone to hear our stories and to care.

During the eleven-day period from Ascension Day: May 13th to Pentecost: May 23rd we will be praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, a line of words that we say in the Lord’s Prayer, that have so much significance for us all. We will be praying that people will come to know the life-changing presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives and be able to live with a new hope going forwards.

Can we pray for you? Whatever you are facing or feeling, nothing is too big for our ever-loving Father.

We know that we can’t solve all the problems but we do know a God to who we can take all things to. The life-transforming love of Jesus can comfort and save us. We’d love to pray for you, whatever you are feeling or facing. Please email us at

Also, over this time let’s commit to praying Thy Kingdom Come daily for 5 people who we care about, and who we’d love to see encounter this life-transforming new hope for the future. Please send in your prayer requests (as above) and-or join us in praying over the eleven-day Thy Kingdom Come period by logging on to the zoom link. Join our Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 588 364 1537 Passcode: 5muqSm

May God's Kingdom come and His will be done...

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