Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Thy Kingdom Come is going to look and feel different this year and, I guess, so it should as the world is in a very different place, with the coronavirus pandemic. We pray this year in the midst of this COVID crisis. Whilst we will not be posting cards through every door in the parish inviting requests for prayer, we will not be meeting at our Church building and the Vicarage to pray daily we will be praying, albeit differently!

The focus of our prayers in the period 21-31st May, the period between Ascension and Pentecost will continue to be for the coming of Gods Kingdom in the lives of family and friends, neighbours and colleagues, community and nation, that they might encounter Gods love for them and come to faith. The situation is different this year but the prayer is the same … ‘Come Holy Spirit’ into all that we face, into all that is known and unknown and all that we are helpless before; Come Holy Spirit in our separateness and social distancing, in our Face Times, Zoom and WhatsApp calls as we seek to connect with those with love and care for and can’t be with.

As we have met as a church family, Life Groups, PCC and staff team, we have shared stories of encouragement, as we have engaged in online church and worship there is a sense that there is a greater engagement from the ‘stranger’ to ask questions about faith, to engage from their homes like never before. There is a clear longing for the Kingdom of God where there is no pain, suffering, crying, loneliness and injustice. As Christians don’t we long for Gods ways to increasingly be seen in our world?

The theme of Thy Kingdom Come nationally this year is 'prayer and care' as prayer is also a call to action: to care and serve best we can. To be Jesus hands and feet in our community, so that friends and family, colleagues and neighbours might encounter the love of God in Christ and also experience that love in action. So, how will we do this in 2020?

We are inviting you to:

  • Connect 5 – pray for five people and find ways of expressing Gods love in action to them during these days: a card, a telephone call, text, shopping or random act of kindness!

  • Join us praying together via Zoom at 08.30am for 30 mins every weekday from 21-29th May: details in our church email or by request from Sue at

  • Pray in pairs, triplets, life groups and households specifically for Gods Kingdom break out in ever increasing measure: this strengthens our relationships with each other in smaller groups and encourages and spurs us to pray more: praying the Lords prayer daily.

  • Let us know of specific prayer requests that we can circulate via; this will be administered by Angela Chapman on behalf of the staff team.

  • Contact with requests for practical requests for help via church at

  • There are resources produced by the national church available here.

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