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For the last few years as a church family we have very much enjoyed joining together with others at the New Wine summer festival. It is a great time for fellowship, worship, refreshment and spiritual growth. Sadly that didn't happen this year due to Covid, however, 'United Break Out' is an online resource for people to get the same brilliant spiritual nourishment, in the comfort of their own home. Here's some of our congregations thoughts, highlights and takeaways;

Some of the things Sally learned from Pete Hughes morning talks. His series was entitled 'Awakening: a revival spirituality for the age of anxiety' and provides some helpful insights for us at this time of COVID. A great phrase Sally picked up in one of the sessions was that we are 'mini mobile temples carrying the power of God's presence': know this for you too!

Similar to Sally, Lyn loved Pete Hughes offerings and in particular his likening of Covid-19 to the wilderness, and the purpose of a wilderness experience for retreating, which is a place of formation and healing. He pointed out how it's also a place of receiving, and, in his second session on the holy fire of God, much of the talk was informative, challenging and faith building.

This wilderness Covid-19 place is a place of re-engaging with God and with community as well as being involved in missional ministry, not introspective activity! To watch Pete's first talk on a revival of spirituality click here.

Some other really helpful talks were;

All good stuff and so relevant to these times.

There's time even now to catch I'm sure catch up on the above and the other resources on offer; there's an abundance of choice. You can also sign up for more over the coming months via their website. Just add ‘signup’. It's so good to have worship, prayer and reflection on the Word of God in this new way.

God is on the move and doing a new thing amongst His people!

So go out and..

  • Burn for God's glory

  • Burn with the life of Jesus

  • Wherever you go darkness is driven back

  • Wherever you go take the presence of the Lord

  • All would be drawn to His love

  • Fire is the mark of God’s people

  • We are carriers of fire

  • People and the church on fire.

  • Something is stirring...

  • The old yet the new.

These were some of the takeaways from Pete Hughes second talk, it was a good one! Hopefully we can all join together next year for United 2021. Until then I hope you can enjoy these United Break Out offerings as well as our continued resources here at St Peter's & St Paul's.

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