Wait and rest

This week we will be looking at Psalm 130-131 Part Six of our Look Up series titled, 'Wait and rest'. We have Adam Poole bringing this weeks talk, then Anna with our all-age moment, and Rob sharing a story of everyday faith.

Some questions for personal and life group use.

1. What kind of person are you? Are you someone who would love a silent retreat, or would that drive you crazy? Read Psalm 130 in two different versions (one could be the Message version). What immediately strikes you?

2. This Psalm talks about waiting for the Lord. What do you think the Psalmist is waiting for? Can you relate?

3. The Message version says that ‘forgiveness is your [God’s] habit’. Do you believe this is true? How do you balance this with God’s other characteristics and actions?

4. When we get things wrong, where else do we end up turning before we come to God?

5. Read verses 5 and 6 again. Is there hope for those who struggle with the idea of waiting and feeling powerless to do anything about it? (Think about the occupation of ‘watchmen’)

6. What might it look like to wait upon the Lord in the midst or aftermath of individual struggles and sins in our church community? Read Psalm 131 in two different versions (one could be the Message version). Allow a short moment of silence after each reading, to pause and reflect on the words.

7. John Mark Comer writes: “love, joy, and peace are at the heart of all Jesus is trying to grow in the soil of your life. And all three are incompatible with hurry.” Why do you think hurry is so prevalent in our society today? What might be the effect of hurry on our relationship with God?

8. Why do you think the Psalmist speaks of faith and relationship with God like a ‘weaned child’? A helpful quote: ‘He compares himself with a weaned child ‘in its mother’s arms’ no longer fretting for its mother’s milk and craving for its own desires to be satisfied but finding contentment in a cuddle and the nearness of love.’ said FF Bruce. How does this speak to you today?

9. What’s the difference between the confidence of a toddler and the confidence of an adult? How can we cultivate a more childlike approach in our faith?

Quotable Quotes

“Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.” Thomas Aquinas

“True faith means holding nothing back. It means putting every hope in God's fidelity to His Promises.” Francis Chan

‘The words wait and hope are connected with the image of watchmen waiting through the night for the dawn. The connection provides important insights for the person in trouble who cries out: “But surely there is something for me to do!” The answer is yes, there is something for you to do. Or more exactly there is someone you can be: Be a watchman.’ Eugene Peterson

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